Blackhole FM is BACK!


Awwwwwwww snap! What’s this? Blackhole FM is back on the air once again! Making the decision to bring Blackhole FM back was probably one of the best that I’ve made in 2016 honestly. I’ve missed having this baby up and running so much. I’ve also really missed having a regular show, so that’s something I’ll be planning out for the coming year too! Blackhole FM will still, as it always […]

We’re Just a Week Away!


Happy humpday everyone! I’ve got fantastic news for you all this afternoon! Blackhole FM will officially be returning to the air in EXACTLY ONE WEEK! Yes, that’s right, Wednesday, November 30th, Blackhole FM will be live again. Blackhole FM will feature all the same music we had in our library previously but we’ll also be adding a ton of new music to keep up with the times! Not to mention […]

Show Archives! #TBT


So, I was sitting down today doing some work on the Blackhole FM website and I realized, I should setup an Archive section for old Blackhole FM shows. Well, guess what, it’s Throwback Thursday and the archive page is UP AND READY RIGHT NOW! Although currently it only holds all the old episodes of Talk It Up, it’s still something to enjoy. I’m going to be digging through all my […]

We’re Relaunching Soon!


Hey there everyone! I’ve got some great news for you, Blackhole FM is COMING BACK! Yes, you heard that correctly, Blackhole FM is going to be back on the air! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be working on getting everything back up and operational as well as designing some new and improved stuff for our website. Now, you may be asking, will Blackhole FM still play the same kind […]